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Don't Be Sad

At a time in which the Muslims are beset with trials from every periphery and within, comes this heartening book rooted in the commandments of Allah (SWT), the Sunnah and the excellent guidance and examples of the Muslims that have come before us.
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Islamic Creed Series Vol.2 The World of The Noble Angels

Belief in the Angels- Islamic Creed Series Volume 2
By Umar Al-Ashqar
Angels. Are they devils? Are they animals? What are angels??
These questions may be going through anybody's head at this moment.
Angels play a part in a human's life from the time he is conceived in his mother's womb, till he is grown, when he is dying, and beyond.
Almost all cultures, modern and ancient, have some...[read more]

Al-Khushoo'Humility and Devotion in Prayer

Al Khushoo': Humility and Devotion in Prayer
By Muhammad Al-Munajjid

"Allah is watching you in prayer!"
How many times have we heard that phrase and overlooked it? Too many to count, correct? If we don't fear Allah in prayer, then how can we expect to fear him anywhere else? If we have the chance to be so close to our Lord and Creator, so close to himthat we can pray to and...[read more]

Islamic Creed Series Vol.5 The Minor Resurrection

What happens after death? When will the end of the world come? Are we really living in the “last days”? These are questions which concern everyone,no matter what his or her background is. Many have tried to answer these questions, producing theories that range from the fanciful to the nihilistic. But man-made notions cannot answer questions...[read more]

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Tajweed Qur'an
Tajweed Qur'an

Monday 20 October, 2014
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